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  Hat Knitting Machine quotation
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 09:12   (0)  -    (37)

Computerized Flat Knitting Machine
GD-H122S Computerized Flat Knitting Machine Is Easy Handing and Quick Learnable to Make the Producation More Efficient. Jinhao Stoll Flat Knitting Machine design system adopted the most advanced specific soft-ware in china. it is available to program various patterns, including color jacquard, and intarsia etc, and characteristic with easy-handling and quick-learnable, digital camera and scanner are also necessary to be prepared for pattern, to make the production more efficient.
Name:GD-H122S Computerized Flat Knitting Machine
Stitch Density:100 levels, electronically controlled.
Racking: Motor-driven. Max z-inch.
Sinker System: Spring-type movable full sinker system.
Needle Selection:full-jacquard solenoid selection.
Take-down Device: Main/sub rollers: changeable 31 levels, automatically adjustable on each level. Automatic o ...

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  LED flood light waterproof
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 09:08   (0)  -    (32)

LED Flood Lights create bright, shadow-free security and spot lighting for a variety of outdoor applications, including facades, parking lot,landscapes, public places, retail and residential complexes, and hospitality. Choose from different power levels, and wide and narrow beam distributions, to replace sodium and metal halide fixtures.
Senlu basketball court LED flood light feature an integral listed driver, potted within a separate compartment, that ensures cool operation and a lifetime exceeding 20,000 hours.
---High power excellent quality with best price. Smallest size for highest power in the market.
---High CRI up to 85.Light efficiency up to 110lm/w.
---2-5 times bright than traditional light. 1/2-1/8 power to replace conventional lighting.
---50-70% cost reduction compared to HP sodium or Mercury  lamp.
---30 times longer life-span than incandescent bul ...

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  China carton clamps attachment manufacturers
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 09:06   (0)  -    (27)

forklift carton clamps carton handling clamps for lift trucks
1. Carton Clamp Products introduction.
What is Carton Clamps? And what can carton clamp do ? Check this as below: Carton clamps are one of forklift truck tools who are designed for handling various cartons packaging or boxed cargo in a safe and efficient way without ultilizing any pallets.Imagine this,a forklift attachment that allows users to quickly handle unit loads without the requirement of expensive pallets,how much money and time you are going to save ?Besides,Carton clamps also allow for the optimization of warehouse storage space and reduction of packaging material costs. This carton clamps are specially used for foods, chemical products, fruit and vegetables or other boxed cargo in warehouses, beverage, appliance and the electronics industries.If you are interested in this forklift attchment, we are the right manufacturer,so please fe ...

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  Acrylic resin factory
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 09:01   (0)  -    (31)

Carboxyl acrylic Resin
Matting, reacting with epoxy  
1.Technical parameters
Appearance: white to light yellow powder  
Softening point [℃]: 110-125  
Volatile content: ≤1.5 %
2.Item Model
Model: A6 A7 A9 A10  
Acid value: 80 140 240 350
3.Use method
No technical services for above products. We can also accept orders against customer specifying requirement.
Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Seal the package after operation.
Kraft paper bag (polyethylene liner). Net weight:25kg/bag Acrylic resin factory

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  Refreshing Sensitive Herbal Roll-on Deodorant in stock
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 08:59   (0)  -    (30)

Our History
Founded in 1992,Grandway International(HongKong)Health&Beauty Group(‘Grandway International’for short)enjoys a fame in China,which is a professional cosmetic enterprise of systematic operation,sound profit,and large scale production.Currently there are five top brands in Grandway International,i.e.BEST CARE,CITE,VAQUA,SM-ARTINN and SUCREPEAU.After more than 10 years development,they enjoy a good reputation in China market and have become China’s leading beauty brands.
Athena(Guangzhou)Cosmetics Manufacturer CO.,Ltd.(‘Athena’for short)is a subsidiary company of Grandway International(Hongkong)Health&Beauty Group.
It is located in Guangzhou city,China,and it is the manufacturer centre for Grandway International Group’s brand products and specialized in research and manufacture of cosmetics.
Our Factory
Athena covers an area of 30000 square, GMP plant, there are 17 production li ...

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  LED spot Lamp
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 08:57   (0)  -    (32)

In tennis court lighting you have low-mast and high-mast pole configurations to consider when making your selection. Most residential tennis court lighting is low-mast lighting and high mast lighting is used in areas where higher light levels are required. Low-mast systems used in conjunction with sharp cut-off luminaries produce good uniformity, low glare, reduced amounts of spill light and are relatively easy to maintain.
Meanwell LED driver
CC LED Stadium Light are use Meanwell ELG Driver. Built-in active PFC function, high conversion efficien-cy, stable performance, Typical lifetime>50000 hours.
PHILIPS LUXEON 3030 2D led chip, high luminous efficiency, LM80 standard, long life, high stability.

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  discount video card module
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 08:55   (0)  -    (32)

Promotional button type video card components
Product details
Application of video module:video greeting card/video brochure/video mailer
* Advertising: car promotion, medicine promotion, educational advertising, etc
* Invitation: business invitation, wedding invitation, party invitation, etc
* Gift: birthday gift, business gift, promotion gift, festival gift, etc
* video card components with 128MB memory
* button type video card components
* promotional video card components
* video card components with high resolution

ScreenPixel SizeAspect RatioScreen Size
LCD Screen2.4"320*2404:336*48mm
Payment & Shipment
Why Choose Us

(1) Mayways Electronics is located at global manufa ...

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  Polyester National Flag factory
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 08:53   (0)  -    (33)

Company Introduction
Manufacturer of gifts, flags and sports scarves
Yiwu Laudable Imp & Exp Co. Ltd has been in the business of gifts, flags and sports scarves since 2009. We have more than 100 professional staff who handle orders for customers in more than 20 countries in Europe and the Americas. Our turnover in 2015 reached more than $2 million.

Speedy delivery services
Source from us to receive samples in 7 days and confirmed orders in 30 days. With our professional supply and factory chain, as well as our 300,000-piece monthly output capacity, we are more than able to satisfy large volume orders. We welcome customers to visit our office and showroom for further details. Inquire today.
Basic Information
Business Type:
Exporter    Verified by Easecredit  View details
Past Export Markets/Countries:

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  China high strength bolts
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 08:52   (0)  -    (33)

Ningbo Zhenhai HuaLong Fasteners Co.,Ltd Was Founded from Year of 2005, Specialized in Manufacturing Various High Strength Fasteners , Standard Pars and Special Items Per Clients , After Years of Development , Our Company now Covers an Area of 5,000 Square Meters  with our Plant of 4,000 Square Meters.

     Our Corporation Has Abundant Production Equipment and Devices, As well as Comprehensive Testing Facilities, Our Major Equipment Includes : 1 Set of Continuous Heat Treatment Furnaces , Over 10 Sets of Forming Equipments. Our Testing Equipment includes 100-ton Tensile Machines , Hardness Testers , Impact Machines , Magnetic Detectors And Spectormeters , The Production Capacity of our company is Over 5,000 Tons Per Year

     Mainly Products of our Company Are : Heavy Hex Bolts . Hex Head Bolts and Square Bolts T Type Bolts , and other special Bolts also The Studs and Rods , The Nuts and Was ...

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  cheap candy bowl set
Yazar: fangbaby1392  -  Tarih: 09-03-2018, Saat: 08:51   (0)  -    (32)

1.Our history  
Guangdong Garbo Industrial Co. Ltd, specializing in developing, designing, producing and marketing, is a large-scale enterprise which integrates industry and trade of household glassware.
Founded in 1993, Garbo has years of advanced experience in marketing and quality controlling. Having over 15,000 square meters warehouse in Panyu, Guangzhou, which holds millions of available products, enables Garbo to meet the demand for merchants. Meanwhile, it is also an agency famous domestic brand such as Luminarc, Stone Island, etc.
In 2011, Garbo established an import and export department, Guangzhou Garbo International Trading Co. Ltd, which engaged in products development, sustainable innovation and coordination of importing and exporting issues.After years of reasonable growth, Garbo has been a legal entity which can operate all export matters independently and effectively in the export l ...

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